Welcome to the home page of the Auditor of Hocking County, Ohio.

We have created it to make our office more accessible to the public.  Information available at this site and in our office touches and reflects the economic life of the entire community.  Understanding this information can save you money and make your life easier.  If you have any questions please e-mail me.

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Hocking County Auditor's Office
Courthouse, 1 E. Main Street
Logan, Ohio 43138

(740) 385-2127

Hocking County Appropriation Report for 2015686.37 KB
Hocking County Approved Budget 2015262.48 KB
Appropriation Report November 2014714.56 KB
Fund Report November 201468.94 KB
Appropriation Report October 2014711.55 KB
Fund Report October 201468.63 KB
Appropriation Report September 2014706.2 KB
Fund Report September 201469.78 KB
Appropriation Report August 2014704.43 KB
Fund Report August 201468.59 KB
Appropriation Report July 2014701.65 KB
Fund Report July 201468.39 KB
Appropriation Report June 2014698.58 KB
Fund Report June 201468.87 KB
Appropriation Report May 2014694.28 KB
Fund Report May 201468.64 KB
Appropriation Report April 2014692.71 KB
Fund Report April 201468.25 KB
Appropriation Report March 2014691.62 KB
Fund Report March 201468.23 KB
Appropriation Report February 2014687.89 KB
Fund Report February 201467.24 KB
Appropriation Report January 2014230.03 KB
Fund Report January 201419.93 KB
2013 Appropriation Report242.47 KB
2013 Fund Report22.29 KB
Hocking County 2013 Financial Audit2.14 MB
2012 Audit.pdf1.97 MB