Welcome To The Hocking County Office Of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Home Page

noneWhat Is The Hocking County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management?

The Hocking County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is the Umbrella Agency for four separate divisions, The Hocking County Emergency Management Agency, The Hocking County Citizens Corps, The Hocking County Local Emergency Planning Committee, and The Hocking County Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism Advisory Team. Each of these divisions has a separate web page linked to this site.  Please visit each of these sites and learn more about these organizations, and how you can become a volunteer

Where Is The Agency Located?

The Hocking County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is situated in the Hocking County Emergency Operations Center, which is located at 52 E. Second St., Logan, Ohio. Cesalie F. Gustafson is the agency Director.

What Is The Mission Of This Agency?

The mission of our agency is: To work to protect lives and prevent the loss of property from all hazards in Hocking County.

How Is This Mission Accomplished?

We work closely with First Responders, Government Agencies, and local Organizations to accomplish our mission. We do this by…

  1. Developing an Emergency Operations Plan that addresses what actions will be taken during a chemical spill, flood, tornado, etc.
  2. Maintaining updated Resource Manuals that help us to find needed resources during an emergency situation.
  3. Providing educational information on Preparedness actions and Mitigation recommendations.Responding in an emergency situation and assisting in recovery efforts.
  4. Administering grants which bring much needed equipment to our first responders.

If you have questions about our agency, or would like to schedule a visit, please Contact us.

We are currently conducting a survey to find out what Hocking County residents believe to be the most important natural disasters.  Please help us by taking a short survey.