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Rhonda Wykle

Rhonda Wykle

Clerk of Courts

(740) 385-2616

Title Information

The Automobile and Watercraft Title Division of the Clerk of Courts of Common Pleas is linked throughout the State of Ohio by a sophisticated computer network. This system provides fast, efficient issuance of titles.  A certificate of title is documented proof of ownership.  We advise you not to carry your Certificate of Title on you or in your car, keep it in a safe place.  It is your proof of ownership.

When you Sell a Vehicle

Do not fill out the assignment on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title until an actual sale has been made.  Make certain that you know the proper name and address of the buyer before making the assignment.  You, as the seller, are required to state the actual purchase price and the odometer reading of the vehicle.  You must sign the title exactly as the title was issued to you and your signature must be notarized.

Do not complete any part of the assignment or application of the reverse side of the title unless it is done before a Notary Public or Deputy Clerk.  All signatures must be notarized. Never make any alterations or erasures on a Certificate of title.  If this is done, the title becomes null and void.  A replacement title can be applied for in any county in the State of Ohio.

If you are in doubt concerning the transferring, buying, selling or mortgaging of a motor vehicle or watercraft, you may wish to contact your attorney, or call the Title Division of the Clerk's office for additional information.

Auto Titles

  • 45 DAY TAGS must be purchased prior to transferring a certificate of title. The title must be transferred within 30 days of the date of the assignment to avoid a $5.00 penalty.
  • All liens on the face of a certificate of title must be canceled by the Clerk of Courts Title office. Liens may be canceled in any county in the State of Ohio
  • When you sell your motor vehicle, MAKE SURE the buyers name and address, the purchase price and mileage information are filled out in full before your signature is notarized either in front of a notary, or in front of a Deputy Clerk in the Titles Office.
  • Never make any alterations, erasures or use whiteout on a certificate of title. If this is done, the title becomes null and void and a new title will have to be issued
  • Used vehicles purchased out-of-state require a serial number inspection.
  • Notarized Bill of Sale
  • A certificate of title may be obtained in any county in the State of Ohio.
  • Your Social Security Number is REQUIRED BY LAW WHEN applying for a certificate of title
  • A transfer of title must be made within 30 days of notary date to avoid a $5.00 penalty
  • DO NOT leave your certificate of title in your car. It is similar to the deed of your Real Estate Property.
  • Your Auto Title is your only proof of ownership. Take good care of it.